Chinese smartphone manufacturer giant Xiaomi unveiled its first electric vehicle SU7 on Thursday, December 28, and announced it would compete with top EV companies and become one of the world’s top car manufacturers “By working hard over the next 15 to 20 years, we will become one of the world’s top 5 automakers, striving to lift China’s overall automobile industry,” chief executive Lei Jun said at the event.

Xiaomi SU7’s performance and specs:

The SU in SU7 stands for speed ultra indicating its focus on high performance and is expected to go from 0-100km/h in 2.78 seconds, officially joining the ‘2s super club’ with a single step.

 Xiaomi developed CTB (Cell-to-Body) technology, integrating the battery into the vehicle body, improving structure rigidity, eliminating the floor, and reducing height for a more spacious cabin.

Its recharge range is 800km. The top speed of the Xiaomi SU7 Max is 265km/h which is good for an EV, and the max horsepower is 673ps.

What will be the price and when it will be launch

Xiaomi is popularly known for the production of cheap smartphones and with this EV venture they it is planning to compete with Porche and Tesla.The Model S starts at 698,900 yuan and the Taycan at 898,000 yuan,

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